Pound for Pound!

This is to inform you that the old round pound coin will stop being legal tender on
October 15th this year, and with that Sandbach Town Council will no longer accept the old style round pound coins from this date.

On 28th March 2017, HM Mint released a new £1 coin, which has been in co-circulation since that date. From 16th October 2017, banks and businesses do not have to accept the old style, as it will be no longer recognised as legal tender.  The new coin is easily recognisable, unlike the old ‘round’ coin, has 11 sides and is noticeably lighter in weight. Both changes have been made to reduce the chances of forgery.
From 16th October 2017, Sandbach Town Council will not accept the old-style coin as payment for its services, therefore, please do not offer it as tender.  

If you find yourself left with an old coin, your bank or local post office may be able to help, please contact them directly.

I hope you find this information useful.